🤑 11 December 2023: Open AI ⚡


Open AI

We are thrilled to announce an exceptional investment opportunity in OpenAI. This venture investment entails inherent risks and high fees; however, it presents a rare opportunity to invest in a groundbreaking AI organization that has the potential to shape future generations, under potentially favourable conditions. This is a time-sensitive deal, as the deadline for commitments is set in two days, on the 13ᵗʰ of December. The minimum ticket is $10,000+fees.


  1. OpenAI has developed prominent AI systems like ChatGPT, DALL-E 3, and Codex, demonstrating its capability to meet the growing demand for AI solutions.

  2. OpenAI aims to develop friendly AI aligned with human values, augmenting human capabilities, and creating a positive societal impact.

  3. OpenAI is commercializing its technology through partnerships, notably with Microsoft, and is projected to achieve $1.3 billion in revenue in 2023, representing a significant year-over-year growth.

  4. Revenue streams:

    • OpenAI's cloud-based platform, utilized by businesses and developers for AI model implementation and deployment, stands as a key revenue source. This platform operates on a 'pay-as-you-go' model for computation and API calls, ensuring a steady revenue flow.

    • The licensing of OpenAI's technologies to other corporations for both research and commercial purposes represents another significant revenue avenue. These licensing deals, particularly those involving the integration of OpenAI's technology into widely-used products or services, have the potential to be highly profitable.

    • OpenAI's partnerships with major tech companies, such as Microsoft, not only provide direct funding but also foster joint projects, research, and product development that can be commercialized. These collaborations may lead to joint ventures, shared patents, or white-label solutions.

    • As a leader in AI research, OpenAI is well-positioned to attract research grants and funding from both governmental and non-governmental organizations. These entities are eager to advance AI for the public good, recognizing OpenAI's pivotal role in this field.

Deal Stage: Secondary transaction led by InvestX in Canada.
Valuation: $105 billion.
Our Allocation: $1.25 million.
Fees: Carry at 25% & transaction fee at 12.5%. Additionally, there is a cap on any returns of 3x + 20% per year (we are waiting to hear back from the fund on how this would be treated if the company IPOs).
Additional Terms: The Odin SPV will be nested within 2 other SPVs.
Backed By: Microsoft, Sequoia Capital, Elon Musk, a16z, Tiger Global Management, and Founders Fund.

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