🤑 06 February 2024: Ori

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Blurb: Ori provides a GPU cloud solution for AI teams, addressing the critical market gap in GPU availability, especially for mid-market companies and startups. It offers AI teams everything they need to train, serve, and scale their ML models.
Ori is trending on $21M ARR, having grown from $815k in 2022. The company has a robust pipeline ($63M+) to execute. Launched in 2019 orchestrating workloads at the edge, the company has since pivoted to serve the AI space leveraging its expertise in running workloads in complex settings.


  1. The company has demonstrated rapid growth, with revenue increasing from less than $1M ARR to $21M ARR in four months, and projections indicating potential growth to $190M ARR by EOY 2025.

  2. Ori's product offers simplified, scalable GPU access and management, supporting a variety of powerful NVIDIA SKUs and facilitating efficient operation of AI/ML/GenAI workloads.

  3. Customer acquisition has been primarily organic, with Ori locking customers into 2-year contracts, and the company plans to scale up its marketing efforts post-funding.

  4. The founder, Mahdi Yahya (CEO & Founder), previously built and exited a $200M+ ARR business in the networking space. The company has a solid engineering team with people from the likes of Google, Amazon/AWS, BT and Symantec.

Deal Stage: Series A
Valuation: TBD
Round Size: TBD
Minimum Ticket: $10.000
Fees: 20% carry
Co-Investors: Lee Fixel (total assets under management to $7B, Adept AI, Satispay, Peloton, Coinbase, Juul Labs, Flipkart, Snyk, Anyscale, Stripe), Episode 1 Ventures (Fandel, Zoopla), British Business Bank, Clay Point Investors, Elkstone Partners, Capital Lab Ventures,

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