Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is The VC Insider?

A: The VC Insider uniquely combines expertly vetted startup investment opportunities with an engaging, reader-friendly format. Our newsletter not only provides exclusive access to high-potential deals but does so in a way that is informative, enjoyable, and easy to digest. With a proven track record of delivering eightfold returns on investments, we offer unparalleled value to our readers.

Q: How often is The VC Insider sent out?

A: We send out a new issue of The VC Insider newsletter approximately every two weeks. Each issue features a new selection of top startup deals, along with detailed information to help you make informed investment decisions.

Q: How are startups selected to be featured on The VC Insider?

A: We select venture capital funds with exceptional performance records, ensuring you invest alongside the best in the field. We then negotiate agreements with these VC funds, securing more capital for them to invest while guaranteeing our subscribers exclusive access to the best global startup deals. Lastly, deals are vetted by our team based on a proprietary formula and only the best get featured on The VC Insider.

Q: Is it possible for startups or venture capital funds to pay for a feature in The VC Insider newsletter?

A: Absolutely not. At The VC Insider, our commitment is to integrity and transparency. We do not offer a paid feature service in our newsletter. All startup deals we present are selected based on merit, performance, and potential – not on financial contributions from the featured companies. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we bring only organic, high-quality investment opportunities to our subscribers. We believe in maintaining the trust and confidence of our community by strictly adhering to this policy.

Q: How do I invest in a startup featured in The VC Insider?

A: If you decide to invest in a startup featured in our newsletter, simply fill out the form provided in the newsletter. Your details will then be forwarded to the third-party fund managers who will handle all the logistics, from establishing the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to managing the investment flow.

Q: How are the investments managed?

A: The fund managers we partner with actively manage the startups and founders, focusing on optimizing the growth potential and returns of your investment.

Q: What fees does The VC Insider charge?

A: Our newsletter and its content are free. Our revenue model is solely based on the success of your investments - in the event of a successful exit (e.g. IPO or acquisition), the fund managers receive a 20% carry, from which we earn a small percentage.