🤑 6 January 2024: Discord ⚡



We are kicking off the year with a 💥. We are extremely thrilled to present our subscribers with the opportunity to invest in a platform that is used by 175 million people every month. This is a time-sensitive deal, as the deadline for commitments is set for tomorrow. The minimum ticket is $5000.


  • Discord boasts 560M registered users, 175M monthly active users and an average monthly usage of 720 minutes per user. The platform has over 19M active servers weekly and facilitates 4 billion conversation minutes daily.

  • The investment is at a $6.5 billion valuation ($240/share), which is a 56% discount compared to the 2021 round ($15.2B or $525/share).

  • This valuation is also lower than Microsoft's rejected $12B acquisition offer and a recent $11.5B valuation by Fidelity.

  • Discord generated $445 million in revenue in 2022, a 44% increase from 2021. Despite its growth, Discord is still expanding its monetization strategies, including launching an in-app marketplace and enabling app building on the platform.

  • Discord's IPO is expected soon, and it's a target for acquisition by big tech companies.

Deal Stage: Secondary. This is an early investor who is selling approximately 10% of their shareholding for liquidity. The fund is directly investing in the cap table and acquiring common shares.
Valuation: $6.5 billion
Backed By: Benchmark, Greylock, Index, and Tencent.

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